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About Us


Axxis Building Systems, Inc. (Axxis) was established with a vision to provide true customer service to our clients.  We currently provide project engineering design and construction, automation system design and Installation, and TAB/Commissioning Services to our clients. Axxis’s vision is to utilize our in-depth understanding of complex systems to provide high quality project management, efficient design, implementation, and turn-key automation for our industrial customers. Our mission is to be exceptional partners to architects, engineering firms, contractors, and owners alike. We strive to deliver projects with excellence and exceed customer expectations.


Axxis’s team includes Professional Engineers, Graduate Engineers, Control System Specialists, Seasoned Crafts-people, and technicians. Our ability to perform project management, provide engineering design, install and automate systems and processes, and commission has allowed us to provide quality services for unique and complex facilities and systems. Axxis Building Systems, Inc. was incorporated in January 2011. Axxis is located in Fort Worth, Texas.





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Axxis Building Systems

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